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(1) Adelborg K, Grove EL, Sundboll J, Laursen M, Schmidt M.

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(16) Glintborg B, Hojgaard P, Lund Hetland M, Steen Krogh N, Kollerup G, Jensen J, et al.

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 Available from:

(17) Hanberg P, Bue M, Birke Sorensen H, Soballe K, Tottrup M.

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(18) Hjortrup PB, Haase N, Bundgaard H, Thomsen SL, Winding R, Pettila V, et al.

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(22) Jakobsen JE, Johansen MG, Schmidt M, Liu Y, Li R, Callesen H, et al.

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(24) Jensen LF, Pedersen AF, Andersen B, Vedsted P.

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 Breast cancer research and treatment. 2016;157(2):281-94.

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(31) Kjaergaard AG, Dige A, Nielsen JS, Tonnesen E, Krog J.

 The use of the soluble adhesion molecules sE-selectin, sICAM-1, sVCAM-1, sPECAM-1 and their ligands CD11a and CD49d as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in septic and critically ill non-septic ICU patients.

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 An adverse event in a well-established cervical cancer screening program: an observational study of 19,000 females unsubscribed to the program.

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 Non-invasive prenatal testing offered as part of a combined first-trimester screening program identifies tetrasomy 18p in a high-risk pregnancy.

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Øvrige udgivelser

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