The Department of Public Health Programs is part of Randers Regional Hospital and a University Research Clinic in cancer screening appointed by Aarhus University. The Department coordinates, plans, implements, and handles administrative and developmental tasks related to screening for cancer in the Central Denmark Region.

Currently, citizens in the region are offered screening for breast, cervical and colon cancer. For more information, please see: 

The Department aims to improve cancer screening programmes on a regional, national, and international level and offer the best possible operation of screening programmes in terms of quality and service while taking active share in the public screening agenda.
The Department is organised in three teams:

The secretariat handles the daily operation of all screening programmes in Central Denmark Region, invites the citizens for screening and answers phone calls from invited citizens who have questions about the screening or want to reschedule their appointment. 

The academic administration is responsible for monitoring the screenings programmes, providing IT-support and ensuring quality improvement as well as providing research-based consultancy for the government agencies. 

The research team conducts research on current and potential screening programmes in order to optimise the regional programmes and improve programmes on a national and international level.

Read more about our research at:  

 Contact information

Department of Public Health Programmes
Randers Regional Hospital
Skovlyvej 15
DK-8930 Randers NØ

Tel: + 45 7842 0170