The Department of Public Health Programs is part of the Randers Regional Hospital. The department coordinates, plans, implements, and handles administrative and developmental tasks related to screening for cancer in the Central Denmark Region. Currently, citizens in the region are offered screening for breast, cervical and colon cancer.

Department tasks involve regular contacts with many of the citizens in the region. The department presently sends 75,000 invitations a year for breast cancer screening and 80,000 invitations a year for cervical cancer screening. At the same time, the department has 3–4 administrative staff members answering phone calls from invited women who have questions about screening or who want to reschedule their appointment for mammography.

The Department of Public Health Programs is part of the Randers Regional Hospital and is responsible to the local hospital management. The department also formally reports to the steering group of screening programs, which functions as the board for all screening programs in the region. Finally, the department refers to and works closely with the hospital planning group in the region.

Internal organisation
The staff of the Department of Public Health Programs includes doctors, employees with degrees in social science, and administrative employees who all work together to coordinate, plan, implement, and develop cancer screening programs in the region. The head of the department is responsible for oversight at the senior level.

Scientific work/research
The Department of Public Health Programs has a great interest in academic research and works so that service and research benefit from each other. The department has three Ph.D. student employees and several other employees who perform scientific research.

The department does research via existing population-based cancer screening programs, cancer programs in progress, and other population-based studies.

The scientific research in the department includes studies involving data generated from the screening programs and experimental studies involving measurement of the effect of interventions. The research is conducted on overall societal and smaller scales.

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